Rescue Journal

the welcome wagon

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2014

well...I guess I need to get my head screwed in to the next two days off which are pretty much filled to the brim with difficult shit. getting luna in for her spay and keeping her quiet for a week after her spay is totally going to suck. crash's current vestibular episode is going to add a lot of extra stress for him, a ton of extra work for the staff and some not so easy to do shit for me to do when we are alone. 2 new dogs are coming in that have to be convinced that they will be safe and cared about here. one is of course pac..the other I do not know the name of but she is a 14.5 year old lab who most likely does still want to live for a while more.

I was on the fence with her...could we possibly take in just one more or not? I talked to erin and she thought we could make it work and so we are. here is the thing tho, once we commit...we have to make it work well for both of these dogs, whatever it takes to get the job done, is going to be done. it takes a lot of caring, thoughtful struggling and work to make this an ok physically and emotionally comfortable place, esp. for new alien dogs.

because really when you think about it..who are the aliens in the universe?..well if a martian ends up on earth, then the martian is the alien but if I end up on mars then I am the alien. these dogs are landing on a proverbial planet not even remotely resembling what they consider to be earth and that has got to be really hard.

oh well the goal is make sure they are content to have crash landed here once they figure out the new culture.

still my days are far less stressful if I do not have to worry about the initial stress and ultimate happiness of new check ins. I am kind of like that person in the big expensive hotels who is responsible to ensure that when important guests arrive, all details have been seen to and once their bags are unpacked and they settle in, will feel good about where they are.

lol...I have to quit calling myself an animal rescuer...I am actually just an animal hospitality volunteer!

oh freaking yay...I am a welcome waggin-eer.

I can hear my father turning over in his grave.


another Doreen

Yes, I was thinking "Concierge" too! Lol!
Although also some Chambermaid or whatever the politically correct name is these days! ;)


No, you're a 'concierge' - more appropriately reflects your importance to these new arrivals!