Rescue Journal

crash passed peacefully away

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2014


colleen our vet was able to come to saints this afternoon so crash did not have to be stressed out at the end. he died with erin's gentle hands stroking his lovely face, rest in peace crash, you were such a very good dog.



yes, Crash came from SARC. He was hit by a car and his owners didn't ever do much about it and eventually surrendered him. He spent a long time at the shelter getting progressively more upset about it, so we were all very grateful when SAINTS took him in. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing. Crash was such a character.


I only met Crash briefly but what a sweet, beautiful dog...reminded me a lot of free!!


Bless you for being there for him, Erin. I always consider it a privilege to be with them when their soul is set free.

Soar high and free sweet Crash.


Crash was a gorgeous boy. So sad, but thankful he died peacefully with people around who loved him.


Crash came from Surrey ac, don't think he was ever at TG? And he was striking. And sorely missed. I'm very lucky to have been a part of his life.


Oh no not our sweetheart crash..

Erin thank you so much for being there and loving this sweet boy till the end..

I always loved to pet him through the fence when he was out .

I will miss you crash.

Rest in peace our beautiful boy.

Lenore Henry

Thanks Carol, Erin and everyone at Saints for loving Crash - rest in peace dear soul....


I notice several people mentioned in comments that Crash had caught their attention either through your blog Carol, or having met him briefly. I am one of those, saw him on the TG website, they were asking if anyone could give him a home. I prayed for several days that he would find a home and lo and behold, I found that you had taken him in Carol! I am comforted that he spent his last bit of time at SAINTS. Thanks for SAINTS Carol.


aw i am so sorry glad i was able to see him on the weekend. rip crash will miss your clamouring for food, you always knew when it was time to be fed lol i remember the one time i sent jamie in to the computer room to give the dogs some pizza, oops did not tell her crash will literally take your hand off if you have food was not too good for her. he had a good life here buddy will miss his incessant barking at him, hmmm maybe not but it will be a little emptier in there without him. as ann always says sweet dreams crash.