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Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2014

vet update..

max will be booked in for another dental...sheesh, his last one was just in may! both lola and china have very not nice masses that we are going to do nothing about...they are too old..the masses are too large and most likely malignant.

the electrician is still here working which is tough on all of us but the outside floodlights and the new ceiling fan in the dog room are installed which is good. he should be done for the night soon.

pac spent a good part of the day in my room today. we also did the intro's to the big dog room dogs and that went great. he had his first field run with those guys and that went really well too.

at one point i had all of the big dog room guys in my bedroom with all of the regulars...capone, june, mystic, luna, boomer and all of the littles are a bit too much for even a kingsized bed!

Robbie was a dick and tried to take out capone and then boomer..that little bastard actually chased boom right off of the bed and had mouthful of his fur! someone has a death wish.

big sigh...electrician is done...big mess to clean up and i offered to do it because...i need him to go home!

ok...gotta go do some stuff now and shit my headache is inconveniently back again too..



I totally misread dionnes question..i must have been half asleep (or no glasses!)..thx Brenda!


Dionne; Monday is a stat - and the volunteer schedule shows volunteers in all areas on Monday, so I'm assuming staff are not working. I can't come in as I'm working too. (I know you didn't ask ME, but thought I'd respond anyway)


Robbie doesn't have a death wish, merely an over-developed need to express (his) authority. After all, he's a dachsie!

(I live with others of this breed.)