Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2014

phoebe had her knee checked today..the vet said just a sprain with a bit of arthritis in the joint and to try to curtail her jumping around like a maniac. please everyone keep a rubber backed carpet in the entranceway so she has better traction. she was a PAIN IN THE ASS in the car...luckily tammy was with me to keep her somewhat under control.

pac was back over in my room to happily play again today..he also had a bath and a blow dry and he did not like either of those very much tho. once I get him sorted out with scratch and Robbie..he will most likely become a bed buddy too (I am just worried about all three of them being too obsessed over toys). for the weekend...he has NOT met odie or puff yet so he can go for the dog runs and hang out at the barn IF odie and puff have already gone back in for the day but if they are still out, he should hang out in his room.

the vet said raven is ok and just to watch him. also gilbert is losing too much weight so please feed him more generously than the other goats.

I am on the early shift this weekend so I make no apologies for what kind of messes these guys get up to once I am out the door!