Rescue Journal

rescue is so not fun.

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2014

crazy horse got moved back to the bedroom pen when I am not home (thank you erin!)....she is such a vicious creature AND a royal pain in the butt.

luna is terrorizing jake so he is back in my room. she also grabbed pepper today and shook him. he is damage done but luna is entering that real problematic teenage stage and I am pretty much ready to kill her. she also is a pain in the ass and I guess I am going to have to step up to the plate and teach her some self control and better manners...too bad I am morally obligated NOT to use a shock collar (or a big stick.) I guess I am stuck with the voice of doom and the deadly finger, I better start putting them to really good use.

for some reason china thinks it is terribly exciting that I am home and sitting at the computer...her high pitched bark is a wee bit annoying too but at least she means well.

barn bedtime went ok...everyone was cooperative. pac had some fun out at the barn this afternoon and then came out for the evening run too. he is being a bit of a stubborn ass regarding taking his meds...can't say I blame him because he is now getting 10 pills a day which is a bit of a drag....anyway, I did get him to take them but I had to stick them in hypoallergenic canned cat food and feed him each one off a spoon. love this dog but he needs to take his meds or his skin will fall apart...but other than that he truly is a very great dog.

big sigh...we have 14 biting, dick headed, socially retarded dip sticks around here. rescue might be a little more fun with 13 less. I could happily handle just long as I get to pick which one that is! bath, feeding and meds and then I can turn off the lights and put all of them to bed.



My dogs eat a vet recommended " limited ingredient diet". They say dogs mostly have food allergies to things they are exposed to often, so I feed rabbit and bison canned food. Could I bring up a can for Pac and see if he likes it? Plus, he's too damn skinny anyways.