Rescue Journal

what rescue has taught me

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2014

I have learned some helpful things in rescue...


just because someone sometimes behaves badly, does not make them a bad being. it just makes them sometimes hard to live with. (roxy!)

I have learned that I need to accept ownership of my own problems and do not need to accept the ownership of problems belonging to others (puff!)

I have learned that honesty is always the very best policy in all things..even if it means taking an uncomfortable road in responsibility :(mini me

I have also learned that blaming is really just another way to look for a scapegoat :(lance

I have learned that while trust must always be freely given,. it is in ones best interest to sometimes take back (luna.)

I have learned that there is real beauty in imperfection as others truly struggle to be the very best that they can(odie!)

I have learned that a lifetime of service requires payback (Gideon, everyone else here and certainly Pac!)

and I have personally learned that while I am far too small to be much of anything at all...I can still work hard like an ant.