Rescue Journal

2 sad losses at SAINTS today

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2014

jingles heart finally gave out. she died cuddled up to crosby during the night. i found her this morning before i left for work when i popped in to check on her.

and princess leia died suddenly and unexpecetedly this morning. dionne found her right after she passed away. there was no warning, she has not been ill. she has been with us for at least 5 years and we do not know how old she was when she arrived.

crosby and ray are going to really miss their very best friends. rest in peace leia and jingles, you will both be greatly missed.



So very sad. They will be missed terribly by their partners. But they passed on in a home where they were safe & warm, loved and among friends. We should all be so lucky at the end. Thank you, SAINTS, for giving them that wonderful gift of security.


this is so sad not only for us people who loved them and worked with them and visited them . But for the poor partners they left behind.

Crosby loved Jingles.they curled up togther and always were close.. Poor sweet Crosby will now be alone..

As well for poor Ray who has not only lost one friend Billy but now another in Leia.. They always snuggled up togehter and they also loved one another.

This ia a hugs loss felt by us all..

Jingles did not appear well on sunday and Leia looked fine that was a total shock..

Rest in peace our beautiful princess and our little baby chick .. we will miss you .


On my tours we would usually find Jingles tucked up next to Crosby who would have her wing wrapped around her like a big hug.visitors always felt honoured to witness such a special relationship. RIP to Jingles and Princess Leia.your friends will miss you

Bunny Horne

I am so very sorry. I agree with Ali, seeing Jingles and Crosby snuggled up together did warm the heart. Princess Leia was a favorite. They will all be missed.


How incredibly sad for Crosby and Ray. The lovely, unlikely friendship between Crosby and Jingles has always put a huge smile on my face. Seeing that huge chicken cuddled up to that ancient Turkey was so heartwarming. RIP Jingles & Leia.


No, not Leia! She was my most beloved bunny of them all. I can't believe it, I was cuddling her on Sunday & Monday, and she seemed absolutely fine. No indication that she was ill, or ailing, at all. I shall miss her SO much. I remember her on my first day there - she bit me, and i fell in love with her immediately. I always admired her spunk and attitude, but she secretly loved to cuddle. Sweet, sweet Leia - you'll always be remembered. Run free, darling girl. Poor Jingles - I did notice on Monday that she was very, very quiet and not running around as she usually did. It concerned me. She had a wonderful life at Saints as well, and was much loved.