Rescue Journal

i'm back.

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2014

I had a great day with ethan and a shitty day with Lindsey's cat. bella is the kind of negative thinker that actually goes looking for someone to take a swipe soon as anyone comes into her house she gets into a really bad mood. I consider myself lucky that I only bled once but not from her lack of attempts...after the first connection in trying to sneak past her, I carried ethan's little toy broom as a shield. she is the most aggressive cat I have ever met. and while her mean-ness towards company drives Lindsey nutz...she actually does really love her. go figure.

when I got home at the end of the day, I bit the bullet and cleaned the bathroom and tackled my insane laundry problem. it took me til after 1 am but the old stuff is all put away, the new stuff is all washed and ready to put away and hopefully sometime today I will get around to actually doing it.

busy day today.. the electric hose out at the barn is not working and the wheelbarrows are toast so I need to do something about that today too. mo is kindly going to make a list of anything needing fixing or replacement out at the barn. today I will start with wheelbarrows and the hose. if anyone in any of the other areas need stuff to be able to work better and easier around here, feel free to make me a list so I can make sure everyone has what they need. I also need to pick up some other things today for kevin like glucosamine, meds and straw. ..looks like a full shopping day so far.

I took luna the other night after work to hook up with a trainer. she showed me some targeting things to do so today luna and I have some practicing to do plus I want to work with her out in the barn yards for a bit today too. a few other things to do and errands to run and then I think that is it for today..should be all caught up and ready to go for the weekend..i hope.

teddy had his xray yesterday...hopefully I will hear today what they found.



I will ;pick up some new mop handles Brenda,,thx! (there are new mop heads in the entranceway)

no one phoned me about teddy today shawn, I guess they were still really busy..I think I will wait for colleen to get back next week as she is the one who knows him best and will most likely be able to interpet the xray while incorporating everything else that lately has been going on with him. he is holding his own and doing well on the meds so we can afford to wait til she is back in on Tuesday.

I think puff was dropped on his head (several times) as a babe.


All Puff is saying is "ow, ow that hurts"
He just has a different way of saying it.
By the way, better you than me trying to de-matt him.


ok Tammy. since you speak "Puffanese" can you translate what Puff is actually saying when he resembles and sounds like an alien/pirannah beast from hell when any and all attempts are made to de-matt him?


Yes I admit I'm attracted to the special ones.
The are usually misunderstood.


Sounds a bit like Cali - or what Cali must have been like in her previous home


I've met Bella. I thought she was absolutely delightful. I love that kind of spirit in a cat. Always keeping you on your toes.


Carol; Are there any more mops? I found one in the shop a few weeks ago when one in the house broke, but didn't see any more. The bleach rots the handles and they just snap off after awhile. You've probably already gone shopping by now, but maybe put it on your list for next time. Thanks