Rescue Journal

baggage checks

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2014

first of all..phoebe was not overly sedated. for a very few hours tho she was just like a normal dog.

at midnight she was back fussing at my door. by 1215 she curled up in my bathrobe, up on my pillow and then I slept right thru til my alarm went off at 6.

you guys were right tho...this time I did hear the wind so hopefully that is what is freaking her out and not dementia because phoebe is nutty enough as it is.

it occurs to me that rescue in some ways is like an airport with many travellers coming, going, sometimes stranded for awhile with worker bees trying to keep the place clean and running safely and smoothly. and I am the luggage handler, sorting thru the piles of baggage and hoping none of it hides any bombs.

phoebes suitcase is a chaotic mess with a few sharp objects but relatively harmless, lances suitcase however was filled with a lifetime of highly explosive desperate wanting and needing which is why it blew up on mini and me.

hah! even the worker bees bring their lunchboxes and backpacks here uniquely stuffed with their own personal things. if you look at one simple thing like how some of us communicate...kevin and Dionne communicate softly and gently when they have something to say, renee and chris try to speak in politically correct terms and erin and I just pull bullhorns out of our backpacks when we communicate....whatever, for each of us it works.

when you add in all of the staff, volunteers, AND animals various accumulated luggage from many long living years..each one somewhat unique, each one packed differently...being the luggage handler and keeping it all straight is quite the challenging career!

unfortunately my new bomb sniffing dog has decided in his retirement that he now only searches for balls.

I did bring pac back over to my room last evening to watch a movie. Robbie was pissed because I made him go hang out with the computer guys but I did not want him opening his suitcase and trying to stuff it full of pac's favorite balls.

it is no wonder I sometimes feel so overwhelmingly filled to the rim...the saints baggage department here is stuffed totally full!

oh long as I keep track of the suitcases, it generally works out ok....roxy's carry on is stuff with firecrackers, phoebes case is full of mental health drugs, scratch has packed his bag to take advantage of frequent naps...and puffs? well shit..i ain't ever even opening that one..i will keep it off to the side to keep all of us safe!



PAC would most defintley sit and stay beside Puff's suitcase. DANGER. silly Puff.