Rescue Journal pain, no gain.

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2014

the cats are very unhappy at being confined in the 2 back cat rooms...esp. tang and morgan.

tess and buddy are very unhappy about being shoved over to my room and angel is not too happy either because her midnight wanderings really bug buddy who grumps at her.

owen is squished in the laundry area because the couch takes up so much room...altho cindy and tigger are pretty darn happy having a big couch up there to lounge on.

Ollie looks like his heart will soon break because he and luke are bunking in the medical room.

but pac likes the extra space he has in the mp room with lola and china while the ankle biters hang out in his previous much smaller room.

the only room that is peaceful is the computer room and that is because it is echoing empty and that in itself feels weird.

once this is all will be so much better because the computer room dogs will actually have direct access to outside without having to go past odie and that change alone is positively huge. but man..the next few weeks in getting there is going to be tough on all of us..2 and 4 legged members of the saintly crew.

no pain, no gain pain, great gain would be so much easier for all concerned.

oh well...we got thru the whole new septic system disaster..i guess we will get thru this one too....

with some ouch from all of us.



Are you putting another door in the computer room for direct access or is there going to be a door off of the outside cat/dog area into the front yard? Either way - sounds great. -not having to redirect/amuse Odie with dogfood or treats every time one of the dogs has to go thru the kitchen would be wonderful and a lot safer for all concerned. - I don't think Odie would agree - he likes all the extra treats.