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the beauty of truth

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2014

after i got over the initial horror of erins inaugral blog post..i realized two things. one...i need to stop talking on my cell phone while driving and so will make a real effort to pull over whenever my phone rings or i need to make a call...and two..those pylons did not belong to Pac they belonged to the city of mission so i dropped them off at the public works yard on my way in to work this morning. the man who helped me was very nice when i admitted our theft and returned them!

so erins honest blog had two very positive affects on me personally..i will stop risking hurting someone when i am driving and i took responsibility and removed stolen property from my has been returned to the rightful owners.

big thumbs up to erin...GREAT blog...made me pull up my own socks!!!



I also drove thru a stop sign while talking on the phone and it was a stop sign that I had stopped at many times. I did however think the blog was very funny.


I am feeling better that you have decided to do the right thing re cell phone use. I may be that someone in my family or perhaps myself who could be a victim. One need to look into the eyes of your grandchildren as well as the SAINTS family to realize it is not worth it. A couple of days ago I saw a woman go through a red light while she was talking oh the phone. It was pretty scary.


So after reading Erin's inaugral blog last night I think I probably had similar thoughts / reactions to Carol's - Although supporting some minor illegal activity sounds fun and harmless enough, this is a public blog.... so I'm not surprised to hear that you returned the pylons. The blog did make me laugh out loud though, as I was imagining Carol's reaction as she read it...

I wonder whether my reaction is because I'm closer to Carol's age than to Erin's (is conservatism significantly affected by age?) No matter - we all support the animals, and that's what matters.


i think u should let erin have her own blog. love her blunt honesty and humor. maybe thats why u two get along so well.