Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2014

Update by Erin

Not a bad day, not a great day either. I had to stay late again today, til Carol got off work, because Vern was working in the kitchen. Cindy loved having company on her couch, Tigger was really interested in Verns work, the tin trays that Carol puts on top of her stove dont deter him at all. Scratch and Tina and little Nicky loved the company in Carols bed. Something else really important that happened was that Luna-tunes and Jake played together. It wasnt Jake tolerating Lunas annoyingness, it was good, fun, dog play. That was the good part. The not great part is a dog and a horse high up on the worry rader. Jesse is really weak. Today is by far the worst Ive seen him. I wonder at what point do we call it? He can still get up and go outside. He still eats well. But he is so weak, he dogtracks something fierce, his back end sags. I actually had to pick him up three different times today and carry him to bed. You have to understand that Jesse has a lot of pride. I wonder what his opinion would be. Not quite yet, but someday very soon. I am very interested to know what Renee sees tomorrow and Mo sees on Saturday. Because it is those two, along with Carol, that will likely recommend when. In all honesty, the most important thing to me is that we catch him early enough that he isnt in pain, that hes still conscious of his surroundings, and that we avoid at all costs a trip to the vet. Given notice, the vet can come to Jess. No stress, baby. Now Flicka I dont really know much about. I know Brent took xrays and saw that she has hardly any teeth. I know that she has a continuing nosebleed and antibiotics to take. Maybe some kind of sinus infection. But I know that Carol is worried, much more worried than necessary for a simple sinus infection. She feels Flicka could easily have a tumor in her sinus cavity. A tumor that could originate in or spread to the closest important organ. I dont know much about horses but I do know that that is not good.

Puff looks ridiculous. They shaved him completely. He is so fat! Dionne was right though, shaving his face is a good thing because it grows back so fast. He did come on the runs today, though he hardly put his teeth back in his face for all the snarling he was doing. I guess he feels pretty vulnerable, all naked like that. Did you know it takes me a whole hour every day to give out the breakfast meds? Know what is the biggest pain in my ass? The pills the dogs wont eat because they are as big as the dog themselves. Yes Tina, Im talking about your vetmedin. You should see the size of this pill. Honestly. She only eats it about half the time. Awhile back I asked Carol if it was so important that it was worth the stress to a tiny ancient poodle to poke it down manually, she, not surprisingly, said no. Vetmedin is a time release capsule, cant open it. So, its possible that Tinas heart is working way harder than it should, because she misses her medication sometimes. Nicky takes tramadol capsules. Nearly every day she licks this damn pill clean and leaves it. So I end up feeding her more, hiding it again. Carol wants me to feed pills on a spoon rather than in the dish, but they ALWAYS drop out the mouthful onto the floor, and then theres a real problem with the circling vultures. I have a helluva time with this. She doesnt. But, Carol can also poke Odie with the insulin needle twice a day without incident. I cannot. I take my life in my hands trying to keep that crazy husky alive. He tries to bite me every time. Every. Damn. Time. Carol is very accommodating, she would prefer I stay alive so usually she pokes Odie on her way out the door. She gets me back though, like today, Oh hey Erin, can you give Teddy an all over bath today? His face and head look all sticky. Eaten by a Husky sounds waaay more probable than being eaten by a Pomeranian x, but youd be surprised. Teddy didnt succeed today, but not for lack of trying.

Do you know what else is surprising? How long it takes to blog stuff. All three of my dogs are staring at me, wondering when is their turn for a walk. Looks like its now. And Im out of poo bags. Great. Fucking Thursdays.



What great people involved with SAINTS.. staff , volunteers, vets, neighbours, readers..all working to make life as best as it can be for however long it may be for those with no where else to go.
Reading about Jesse being so weak is difficult, I worry & think about him a lot during the week, and each weekend I am amazed at his strength & perserverance (sp?) ...and I wonder..who was he as a young pup, or a gangly teenager..and why did he end up at a shelter * sigh* we'll never know..but it doesn't matter..what matters is , he is loved & like erin, we all want/need/pray that we do right by him & when his time comes, it is soft, peaceful, pain & fear free..I am trying to prepare..but simply can't imagine the barn without him...and then there is Andy..who loves Jesse so much..if you look closely at pictures of Jesse..often you will see Andy in the background..Jesse is his anchor, his confidence, his protector...God it will be a sad sad day..and now that I have completly depressed myself.. I better get back to that is depressing.


I think you're right, Helga - but I like Erin's "corroded" artery better!! Too funny.


Thanks for adding that Kevin! I always thought it was corroded artery, and I always wondered why they called it that when in healthy beings no artery should be corroded...should it? I am so super obviously not a nurse.


The vet got a hold of me last night. A heads up to the Barn troopers- Flicka will most likely have a nosebleed through till Monday, but He said not to worry. It is not a full out nosebleed or dripping, more like oozing slowly and sometimes mixed with mucous. If it does start to bleed heavy please call Carol , or me but it has not done that yet. She was a good girl for the endoscope and xrays and they showed she has an infection in her gutteral pouch (it is raw). The worry being that it spreads to the corotid artery;however, we are not there yet and the antibiotics should clear it up. She is to be given 1 scoop of uniprim in her food 1x day. Also a heads up, Gilbert is missing a lot of hair, not sure why, but the vet is doing some tests to try and figure it out. Both i am sure would love a little extra attention on the weekend


Have you tried giving the dogs their pills on a spoon by hiding it in peanut butter Erin? it's what we do for our three especially Princess Molly who won't take pills otherwise.


I agree with you Erin, about Jess. My biggest fear is waiting too long. How I love that dog... I shall keep a close eye on him tomorrow. Did he eat ok today?


Great blogging, Erin!

Thank you for your words and insights. Much appreciated.


I happen to think Puffy is glorious in his puffiness...but I am afraid to see the "shave." Good on you Erin for bathing Teddy. I love him, but am scared of his zombied reactions at a whim.
Thank you Erin for the blog and your perspective!