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There better be a rainbow bridge.

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2014

Post by Erin. Getting tired of me yet? Its Thursday. The BC Winter Games athletes are bunking in the local elementary schools, which means no school. Because I have a cool boss, I bring my kids to work with me on days like today. Im just not sure where Im going to put them. My daughter adores Tigger so she can hang out in the laundry room with her ipad. My boy I think can watch tv and snuggle bed buddies all day, Robbie would probably like that. And Bambi might too, my son thinks shes just the cutest thing ever. Shes not, but she makes me laugh every day when she hot-laps around the room waiting for her brekky. That dog has such personality! Before I forget again, I would like to say thank you to the scrub brush fairy. Also, just fyi, to see recent pics of the Saints go on our facebook page and click on the little tab that says "highlights" and switch it to "posts by others". Thats where youll see the pics that we (the staff) put up. Not quality shots like Jenny gets, but daily quickies.

I dont like Thursdays. It was a Thursday when my Bear passed away. Thursday February 21, 2013. A year tomorrow. I know I am not the only person in the world to have had a dog that special in my life. A dog that actually takes a piece of you with them when they go. No matter how long they have been gone, you miss them so much you feel you heart breaking all over again every time they come to mind. I think of Bear often, but without fail, every Thursday morning. Because I change my households bedding on Thursday mornings. I changed the sheets the morning I made that appointment at the vet. The morning I knew it was time. Now I associate the two. I have for about 52 Thursdays now. And likely will for countless more. Have you had a connection to a pet that strong? I know some of you have...Carol and her Tyra-Jane and Daphne2, Lynne and Bambi, Carol Ann and Eli, Diana and Drummer. Share your stories! Who? When? Can you write a few lines without crying? If so, your doing better than I am.




hey i guess i should blog too about my beloved dogs. my most very loved one was kobe my brown and white dalmation. he was deaf epiletic had 2 different colored eyes but i lost my heart to him. i had had dogs before him but he was the one who taught me compassion and understanding. he was my eyeopener and for that i will always love him. at the same time i had 2 other dalmations one being kobes mother and the other kobes adopted brother. i love dalmations after they passed i got max from people who did not want him, then merritt came along, a rescue from my brother who knew people who always had merritt tied up on concrete. he lived with us through the last year of his life, he was old but happy in the end. then came kino, my big tough ikeda husky cross, he had to be the most beautiful of all my dogs, jet black and with attitude. then starbuck, a spunky dog from animal control who had been in there 14 months. he looked half dead when i took him home, got him on thyroid meds and he lived over 6 years. there was copper the beagle from saints who absolutely was adorable, i miss him a lot. then came bambi, the dingo who stole my heart. she would always be looking at me as i left saints. who can resist that. then blond buddy,who really lived in his own little world but yellow labs have a special place in my heart. i still have max, and since blond buddy have taken home jelly, who has to be the most loyal dog i have ever know. she just gazes at you with so much love, it gives you goosebumps. and now wae have nicki our deaf little cocker spaniel. she is very sweet and loves to sleep in the kitchen cause dont u know that is where the food is. lol i cant believe all the dogs we have loved and lost and i cant believe i have such a great husband who just looks at me and smiles in resignation. he really does love all the dogs i bring here

Lenore Henry

We can't thank you enough Erin for suggesting this blog. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking to read everyone's stories, including yours, and just how much our beloved pets mean to us, whether still with us or in spirit.


Thank you all for sharing! There's nothing worse than feeling like you are all alone.


Every pet you lose is rough. I don't know why some seem to closer - not because they were smarter, or cuter or more obedient, or even badder. Some just seem to have a different connection to us.
It is almost a year now since I lost my last malamute. It was a tough time losing Taiga in Sept at 14 1/2, Drummer in Dec at 13 1/2 and Kiva in March at 16. Each of them was different and I loved them each in different ways.


Heart dogs. The ones that change us forever.

Yankee, my first corgi. Runt of the litter at 22 lbs; came to live with me at age 7 months. Left me after 16 years on January 17, 2001. Fearless, funny, loved everyone and every dog she ever met. A big dog with no legs. My heart dog.

There better be a Rainbow Bridge, because I can't bear the thought of never seeing her again.

Ok, now the tears are here.


Like everyone else, there are many animals living in my heart & memories..I feel my chest tightening & throat closing as I type this . TJ ( aka Tbone or TBaby ) was my first as an adult, a small grey kitten who I got from a co-worker, her very first meal with me was Mcdonalds..we drove through. I was 19 at the time & so wanted a dog but didn't think I had the right home or time..however...TJ became my " dog " I took her everywhere, she had her own box in my car, her own travel bag she would willingly hop into & get carted around. She would ride on my shoulder as I left my apartment, down the elevator & out to the car. I had a handful of friends that I visited often & she was welcome to come..she was my partner.. I lost more than one boyfriend over the fact that she was always my top priority, I missed parties because she was ill, I stayed home because I had been out the night before and didn't want to leave her too much. She was a cranky cat to most others..but I loved her dearly and still do. We moved probably 10 x's in the first 15 years together, and she stayed with me for 23 years. You can't find that kind of love & loyalty everyday so I feel blessed that I had her in my life. She was by my side through so many changes & lessons I had to learn, she slept right on my chest every night..when her time came I was 42 years old and cried for days.

RIP TJ you will always be my first, and I love that you taught me what love & loyality really is.


This blog is a real tear-jerker. I've lost so many beloved pets over the years and I remember them all - numerous cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, birds, even a tortoise! But the most precious was my little dwarf rabbit, Sullivan, who eventually had to be euthanized at the age of 12 with very invasive cancer. Probably seems strange to most people that a small rabbit could take up such a big place in my heart, but his quiet, gentle, loving presence pulled me through some really tough times.

Cheryl Shaw

I am trying to write this through my tears & also trying to decide which story about which dog to share. I have had many dogs & each is terribly special to me. But I guess the one I miss most, is Sandy, my golden. He taught me many things including having a loving & loyal shadow. But the lesson I remember most (and was ready to kill him myself over!) was that fresh beans taste much nicer when you pull up the whole plant & eat it, roots, beans & all! I have a painting in my bedroom that I see every night prior to going to sleep & is the first thing I see in the morning - it is called "Sandy's Song" and a piece I painted shortly after his passing at 14. It is of white shasta daisies. The whole time I painted it, I was singing to myself the chorus of an old song "I'll bring you a daisy a day, dear, I'll bring you a daisy a day. I'll love you until the rivers run still, and the four winds we know blow away". I bring Sandy his daisy every day with that painting.


I lost my Jiggs almost two years ago. I don’t remember the exact date but I remember the day like it was yesterday. Although I’d had many dogs before he was the love of my life; my little soul mate. He was the most beautiful little creature I had ever seen. He took my breath away. In my mind’s eye I can still see him on our walks looking up at his mommy. He melted my heart. Jiggs was a rescue from our Beagle Paws ’chapter in NL. He was 10 when I adopted him. I saw his picture on Beagle Paws’ website smelling the flowers and I knew I had to have him. He used to love to lie next to me, nuzzle into my neck and fall asleep. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life felt so at peace. Sadly as he became older he was no longer able to climb onto the sofa with me and the nuzzling stopped until that last day. We were at the emergency clinic as he had unexpectedly taken a turn for the worse. It was time for him to go. He sat safe and warm on my lap saying goodbye when suddenly he reached up and for one last time nuzzled into my neck. It was the most profound experience I’ve ever had and one I’ll never forget. Although there were tears, and they still come, I didn’t cry. I still don’t know why. I miss his physical presence but still so strongly feel his presence living in my heart. He’s still very real and a part of me. I promised him that I would honour him by sharing my life and love with another little doggie and so I have, 16 year old Weston.


I've had a few wonderful dogs thru my life but one in particular was a border collie that ended up on our doorstep. She was 8 months old and had already been thru 4 homes. This young dog was not spayed and didn't even know her name and was a fear biter with other dogs so any home she went to that had dogs was unsuccessful. Plus she took off any chance she had when unleashed and she was a very good escape artist. She could find the smallest hole in a fence and crawl under it or if that failed she would climb it. She also had a few lives as I had to rescue her from a ditch, she crawled thru the drain pipe and couldn't get out as it was blocked by large rocks. I searched and searched for her, could hear whimpering but couldn't find her, even looked in the ditch. I went and got my Jack Russell hoping she would show me where she was and thankfully she did. All I could see was her nose poking out thru the rocks. She didn't learn but this time I had removed the rocks so she could get thru. Also had to dig her out from under a manger as she dug into the shavings pile, which collapsed on her so her only escape was to keep digging until she was under the manger. She was totally stuck so again I had to dig her out. The shavings pile was a huge danger for her because she went after the rat holes. She turned into a fantastic dog who I had until she was 16. At the end she had major heart problems and arthritis in her back which meant carrying her up and down stairs but I did this gladly, she earned the special treatment as many have.


I just saw on Facebook that theres a man somewhere wanting to "Adopt" dogs from rescues, but wants to use them as "Bait" for dog fighting.Just a heads up to everyone at SAINTS


I know what you feel too. I had a dalamtian named Molly that was a total pain in the butt all her life but I loved her so deeply. The stories of Phoebe are dear to my heart cause my girl was cut from the same cloth. After she died I looked for another dog for 10 months. Then I realized I was trying to find Molly. I did find an old homeless 11 year old wrecked dog that I took home and loved for 2 years.

Carol Ann

Erin you made me cry too. before my beloved Eli there was Rusty from SANS, before that Tuffy from the spca, a gorgeous large white street can named Teddy who had severe eye problems. That cat was so awesome my vet used to look after him when I went back east to visit my Mom. He died on Mother's day a long time ago. I will always miss my Teddy. Decades ago there was Aquarius,and his mother Kalli. There have been many more I loved deeply over the years. Charley from SAINTS was so special. Now it is LOLA my choc lab who has kidney problems from her hard life before she came here. I can't begin to imagine what deep sadness I will feel when she passes. Now I'm really crying.

Lenore Henry

Hi Erin - what a touching story and a lovely photo of your Bear. There are just some animals that come into your life that have an extra special place in your heart and that is what our Bailey has in ours. I found him when he was five weeks old. My husband and I had just finished walking our Golden, Chelsea and I decided I was going to go for another walk on my own. It just happened to be garbage day in our area and I noticed three grass clipping bags ready to be picked up. I took a double take as there on top of the middle one, lay a black bundle of fur curled up sleeping. As I approached him he woke up and I slipped him under my arm and walked home with him. My husband saw me walk up the driveway with him and said "What have you found now Lenore?" and the rest is history. We posted "Found" posters in our area and checked with the Surrey SPCA but no one was missing a pup - thank goodness!! He has been the best dog we have ever owned - always by my side and ALWAYS wanting to please. He is now 14, alot greyer and has had numerous health issues in the last few years. Being a Lab mix, he has severe arthritis in his back legs which is helped somewhat by his cartrophen shots and recently went through a bout of vestibular syndrome which, through medication, has nearly cleared up. He is not willing to give up his fight and we enjoy every day with him just that much more seeing his determination to just live life. Since we discovered SAINTS a few years ago, we have watched so many of the older dogs live out their final years being comforted by all of you and it just reinforces what our pets mean to us - young or old - the bond is so very special.


I couldn't read that last paragraph without crying. I have 3 senior dogs and an ancient cat in my family and I dread the day my world comes crashing down.
Love em as much as possible while they are here :)