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ok..plugged back in

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2014

first stage of the computer room is done...drywall/painting. the 1.5 stage is where I get to clean up the gawd dam mess the drywallers/painters made...I am 10% there. where oh where are some volunteers when I need them..oh right, everyone already did their shift and went home for the day.

the room looks good tho (or at least it will when I finish cleaning it...and I do like the color. the contractor said we could use the room for the next week or so while he is away..not sure I want to do that simply because there are a couple of things I want to do in here anyway (like paint out the rusted part of the fireplace and do something a little more neat and tidy with all of the freaking computer cords...any ideas??????) and it would be easier to actually do stuff without the dogs involved. I am working all week...I wonder how much stuff I will feel like doing in the evenings? probably not much at all.

lots of snow and it is still coming down....pretty to look at I suppose. the dogs all liked it..except phebers...she hates the snow. huge thx to everyone who made it thru the snow today to help look after the crippled crew!!!

arghh..I guess I better get back to ripping up cardboard from the floor and trying to get up all of the drywall won't get done by itself.

anyway..i am back on line now but so as not to disappoint you... I told erin to keep on blogging whenever she felt in the mood.


Yvette ~Turtle Gardens

hello Carol,
We use a pvc pipe for all our computer cords. Haven't had a cord chewed in years and we have loads of puppies/teenagers dogs come through here. It is all neat behind the computer. I also have wireless keyboard and mouse - no cords to chew. Now if I could figure out something for my 25 foot plastic oxygen tubing that was flexible but impervious to teeth I would be a very happy camper - I have more black tape hiding pin holes than bare tubing!


try putting all the computer wires through a length of PVC pipe. you can tape it vertically to your surge protector with either electrical or duct tape and then it will stand up behind your desk. since you only need a couple of feet, get the expensive kind... it's a lot thicker thus harder to chew.


Glad you're back! I missed you. I'm never disappointed reading what you blog Carol - but interesting to get another perspective; and if Erin blogs sometimes - that just means there's more to read re SAINTS, and I look forward to the blog daily anyway.