Rescue Journal

Quickies...not the good kind

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2014

Post by Erin, as Carol is probably in bed. Ok probably not, shes likely picking up poo somewhere.

Ok, now bear with me here, lets talk about some things. First, the website. There are professionals working on it. Its a bit different, its kinda like the computer room right now, half-useable, with some shit piled up in the corner thatll have to be moved again later, once I find somewhere else to put it. Like the website, its going to be awesome when its done. I know the blog has these twitter and facebook links that you can sign in with. They dont yet work, Ive tried both. Be patient, they WILL work soon. And no, of course you wont HAVE to sign in via social media to leave a comment. I am a huge fan of social media, I think its awesome, mostly because I can now avoid at all costs the dreaded phone. The only people I ever talk to on the phone are Carol and my mom. Anyways, theres going to be a petfinder link, the "our animals" pages are going to work, hopefully our new logo will be up, we just need to be patient. Trust me, its gonna be Ok.

Moving along. When you email the info@saints link, you get me. I am a hands on type of girl, I know alot of stuff, like where the papertowel is, how many layers i need compared to how runny or stuck on the poo. I know where the hand disinfectant is when I misjudge that. I know where the bleach is and how much I need to use in the mop buckets. I know who likes to poo and pee where and when and how often. I know which dogs can be with which cats, and which dogs would prefer to eat cats. Incidentally, I also am well aware who would prefer to eat poo. What I dont know, is pretty much everything else that goes on OTHER than that, yknow, behind the scenes things. So, when you email the info@ link, quite often I have to forward said email to whoever it is that deals with that issue. Dawne gets the adoption questions, Ann gets the money stuff. So please be patient. I check the box at least once a day, I have now bumped that up to twice a day because of the flood of recent questions. By the time I check the box, then send it to where it needs to be it could well be a day or so before you get a response. Please bear with us! There are alot of changes happening at the very same time. Soon, we will get past this "under construction" stuff, and itll flow smooth

Animal updates...Max cat has mouth troubles again. Poor thing just had a dental a few months ago. He will have a good round of drugs to see if we can help him out, hopefully he wont have to lose MORE teeth. He is such a nice cat. And absurdly handsome too. Carol has to look at Phoebes rectum. I already did, more than once, and I still dont know what Im looking at. Remember the glory of this job? Ha! I compare her rectum today to every other day Ive seen it and its different. Could be nothing, maybe she sat on a rock and scraped it, who knows. Understand that Phoebe has only a tiny nub of a tail and very short hair so its easily noticable. Crissakes I sound like some kind of freaky weirdo. Just part of the job, lookin at browneyes, front and back. (Did you just laugh? I hope so.)



Hey look it gave me the saints logo. Fun. I guess it's cause on Facebook I'm part of the saints admin. Oh social media, your smarts are blowing my mind. Keep up the awesome work Leanna!!


I can't tell you how much I love that you answer the info email now. It's such a 'small' thing but it was so stressful to me.
Good luck and thank you Erin!!!