Rescue Journal

the motion in the potion...

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2014

ripples in the pond....

its all the same thing.
once the balls start rolling on house reno's, website reno's, policy/procedure reno's, political re-structuring reno's...whatever kind of reno's...there reaches a point where you just need to sit and patiently wait while letting the rolling balls do their thing.
I find it is best to just stay out of the way as much as I can until the magic in the potion is finished with its motion and things can settle down in their new and improved form and then life can go on...hopefully more peacefully.

change is not ever easy..but then neither is rescue..or life. it is what it is until we decide it needs to be something more or less and then we get off our butts and do something to fix it. sometimes it takes vision to see thru the reno mess, inconvenience and confusion to not regret giving the balls a bit of a push to get moving.

right now it is the front cat run that is bugging me the most. this weekend I absolutely have to take that load of leftover reno crap to the dump, scrub the crap out of the catwalks and power wash the cement pads. I have to do this in anticipation of vern getting here next week to put it all back together again so I can paint it and make it look decent and then the cats can finally use it again.

the things that I want to do to finish making this painting my dresser, purging my crap and moving my stuff in an organized manner come second to getting the cat run done and being able to safely open that door for the dogs to be able to go out into the yard.

it is going to be at least a month before the house is fully back together, the website is done and all of the various ripple effects in saints currently upheavaled pond, finally settle down.

my job is to wait it all out and not rock the boat while our many balls are still rolling and keeping the animals happy until we once again reach calmer seas.

hope sinking allowed while practicing patience.

it will all be good for saints, the animals and me.