Rescue Journal

well, i think i figured it out.

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2014

I have my final list for which dogs go where and it is not what erin and renee expected because I am not moving altho pretty much everyone else is. it is going to temporarily suck on some kind of level for a few of them BUT I do believe it is better for all of them in the long run. I will say that erin had the right of it in the beginning because I do need to be with my own dogs...luna and Robbie especially need me around more to help them find the right ways. the ways they are finding on their own...really are not all that great! and on a personal dogs do not leak on the bed..they are not yet old enough for that problem so I will once again have a normal human non padded in plastic bed.

I am a bit worried that they might eat it tho..mystic is still pretty bad. won't hurt her to learn some proper house manners like leaving the furniture alone. we might have more than a few arguments about this and I might lose a mattress or two and a few more dozen channel changers in the process, oh and maybe some more of the door trim but I am confident that we together can eventually get there....hopefully BEFORE mystic herself finally grows really old (and starts leaking on my bed!)

this figuring out has been a bit of a process...all of us have been running various possible lists on paper and around in our heads....but I think this is the RIGHT feels like the right one.

please god don't let mystic eat all my shit. might drive erin and renee crazy, waiting to see the new list until after the weekend so here's a sneak peek...

jesse, andy, jake, capone, scratch, buddy and tess

mystic, luna, june, benny, boomer, and Robbie..and phoebe can visit for brief periods. and while boomer is not my dog...he thinks he is their dog so I guess he has to come along with them.

added bonus... under supervision the door between the two can now be safely open!

TV/Computer Room (where I also do spend a lot of time)
angel, tedz, tina, jerry, nicki, salty, hilda, gertie, ewok and roxy
(it is the biggest area and can easily be very comfortable and safe for the littles. they will just have to learn to be couch cuddlers instead of bed buddies...they can bring along their spa steps so they can get up on the couch at will.)

admit it guys..this is a pretty damn good list!



lol would still see benny no matter where he is cuz he does live in the house.


free feeding is is canned food feeding that can become a problem but we take precautions with that. lots of the dogs have greedy canned food guts and need to be fed separately.


While I only know most of the dogs from reading the blog, your groupings seem to be very good. Except don't Capone and Jake have issues over free feeding?


Geez Carol, I think I was posting at the same time you were in the above comment!


I think Benny can move around (and follow Carol) wherever he likes Lynne,as he's good with everyone - even Odie, -so he'll be in the kitchen sometimes for sure


benny can go where ever he, bedroom, dog room, mp room, computer room, barn because he is a GOOD dog!