Rescue Journal

i want to be a 10!

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2014

I need nine clones of me so they can toddle around looking like they are doing something somewhat useful while the 10th real me goes back to bed for a couple of days.

last night when I got home from work, I backed the van into the driveway and up to the gate. this is so I can't intentionally forget to load up the stuff for the dump...I am trying to outsmart my ability to procrastinate! this would have been a good job for clone number 6 and 7. clone 4 and 5 could deal with the big dog room ripped up couches, 2 and 3 could collect the dump stuff from the shop, number 9 could work on purging my bedroom stuff and clone number one could bake me a cake!

now I am really missing having 9 clones today...I really like cake!
back to reality updates...

I am hoping that since finally tedz is able to get out and trundle along, that he drops a few of his extra pounds....honestly, he looks like a footstool with feet.

max cat is home..doing well. he is on meds for a few days so needs to stay caged.

we need a nice and quiet home for fairlane...he is trying his best here but he needs a great home all of his own.

bambi and Bernice's potential new mom, flies in early next week. hoping it is a great match all around..if not with them, then maybe with somebody...we will have to wait and see which bonds are formed and with whom. here is the never know what is going to happen until it does. shep's foster dad came here because of odie..but shep was a better match.
and by the way..i had an update on shep this week and all is great!

the chicks are growing fast...I am going to have to look around for something bigger to house them for awhile. still too small to join Crosby yet but getting too big for their current house.

well...since I ain't got 9 carol clones and 2 days in bed is not going to happen...I guess I better get moving on feeding the mp crew and poking the diabetics...the dump run is patiently waiting for the real carol to make an appearance.

oh freaking yay.


another Doreen

Yay for Shep!
I didn't see Pac's name on any of the lists in the previous post?
How nice that Boomer gets to pick his own pack! And that you'll have a fairly dry bed for awhile. I'm thinking it will be crowded with all those big new bed buddies though!