Rescue Journal

it was a nice barn bedtime

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2014

pac came with me, followed me around while I worked and played with his ball. luna climbed out a window again and was impatient to join us. once we were done, we grabbed the others and went for a walk. it was cool and brisk with the snow just lightly flowing...quietly enjoyable and fun.

I took pac back to the mp room, fed everyone dinner...and yes pac yet again had to be fed off a spoon! while I was preparing their dinner, luna jumped the fence and popped into the mp room for a visit...hmmm. oh well her timing was perfect because I was just thinking she is too thin (she burns off A LOT of calories every day!) so I fed her a nice and big dinner too. she was very well behaved and polite during her visit so I was really proud of her.

benny was quite happy that it was starting to snow again...he spent the longest time laying out in the front yard, patiently waiting for it to snow harder. when it didn't he finally got bored and came in.

hah! teddy has his head and shoulders wrapped around my legs and the computer chair! he is such an odd duck, he zooms in on physical contact and stands there, silently motionless. I can pretty much pet him for long periods now without his zombiness coming out. but I just noticed he badly needs a nail trim. luckily i think staff are for wrestling fat K9 zombies, avoiding their teeth, and trimming their nails...i am right about this dontcha think?? anyway I will leave him on a to do list for Monday one better read this and phone in sick!

well..i have my personal laundry in so I can make thru another work week and I am thinking a really hot bath on a cold winters night might be a good idea too.... soooo...see you!



Unfortunately we're snowed in as well. Edward, Liam and I will not be able to make it in.


Sorry - I can't get in -snow has continued all night and roads are bad - I hope it's better there


yes it is...such a very sweet boy! the box babies were both so very kind to him at the end of his life.


It was a great day today. Seems like everyone had fun, must be the snow coming!


Carol just noticed you have Ripley in your avtar..great the dog Marley ?


love all the animals would find it hard to be in a world withou t them i really dont see how people can live their lives with out animals. i sure couldnt and after being at saints for 7 years i could not imagine my life without those super special animals that no one wanted. love them and love carol


don't fret about the weather..better safe than sorry and we will still be here once the snow stops.


I wish the snow would stop falling here! It's coming down heavier now. Benny would be really happy in my yard.