Rescue Journal

foggy brain

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2014

I got home from work late and didn't feel like posting..sorry. all is well.
I am off thurs/fri and really looking forward to it..the last couple of work weeks have been brutal.

bambi and Bernice go off on their new lives later today and I am conflicted on happy/sad. I love them both but bambi has been here for so long, it seems like I loved her forever. I am really going to miss her when she moves on.

heads up to erin and renee..i think vern is back today so the animals need to be moved out of the computer room early and the stuff pulled away from the wall....sorry about this, I know it totally sucks. also Karla will be here after lunch for the girls so their meds all need to be pulled together along with their up to date med cards..we have already done the adoption forms. sorry I should have done up the meds last night but I forgot.

i had a decent sleep last night but still feel totally bagged...I think it is the night time sinus stuff I am taking but at least the headache is gone...anyway too tired this morning to blog anymore.