Rescue Journal

back to the light

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2014

ok..probably a few posts too many about the darker side of about a shift over to the brighter side?

kevin took the baby chicks home for the night, he is going to work on socializing them on his off time...thats pretty damn nice!

after work today ali hauled out a ton of really good stuff for the silent auctions..all thx to bunny who collected it and got it to ali to bring out. yay ali and bunny.

shawn and her hubby after work also, brought out a brand new used leather loveseat for the little biting beasts living in the office...they really missed their couch! yay shawn and her hubby!

vern is making great headway on the fencing around the new septic will eventually be a frail daytime area for our old, crippled sheep. yay vern all by himself!

i brought pac over for some movie time with me and the bed buddies today.

we moved jake into the computer room so he isn't bugged so much by luna. his move is going well except at one point i heard him screaming in a giant kerfluffal. i ran over to see what was up and jake was freaking out with the lid of the cat box stuck on his head...he was flinging around the room in a panic, scaring the crap out of all the other animals.
it would have been funny if that damn dog wasn't so dumb.
and it serves him right for trying to eat cat shit.

and thats the lighter stuff going on at saints today.



the loveseat is not big enough for all of them so they still need the chair too. and you better have not been hauling that sucker on your own, ..those guys would die if you got hurt....who would spoon feed them all???


wish I knew that since I really hard at bringing the chair in there for them.


we have a tv shawn if someone wants to mount it on the wall in there...then they just need a dvd player and i can pick up one super cheap.


Best part was watching Fernando and Darbs claiming their spots on the new couch. Happy to help the little is a tv for them