Rescue Journal

fernando update...YAY!

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2014

Thank you Carol for allowing me to bring this wonderful little bundle of joy into our home. It has only been 24 hours but he is fitting in BEAUTIFULLY!! We love him so much already and I think he loves us just as much!! Emma’s nose is a little bit out of joint but she is slowly getting used to having Fernando around. They were even snuggled on the couch together which made me very happy. <3 Only a few accidents in the house and he is asking to be let out to pee! YAY!! :) I'm so proud of him and he is exceeding my expectations in the potty department already. Fernando is the perfect fit for our family…thank you again for bringing us together with this little sweetheart!



Whoo Hoo..loved reading this ...Fernando and his happy feet dance will be missed..but very happy he has found his home.


Happy to hear he seems to have found his home. He's a great little dog.