Rescue Journal

meeting phoebe's 6am needs

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2014

phoebe is getting age related cataracts. she is in the computer room, bugging me this morning and I can see them in the dark thru the light of the computer screen. how old does that make her then...14? 15? she is just as spastic and hyperactive as she was 9 years ago.
I said to her when I saw them..."good lord where did those come from, you can't be as old as all that? I guess now I can call you funny old girl." she did a massive body/head shake in answer...guess that I can't.

phoebe is very expressive and when she shuts up long enough and quits bouncing around like a maniac, she is actually very good at communicating her needs.
so this morning she is not happy because benny took her bed. when I let her into the computer room so I did not have to listen to her fussing at me, she hopped up on the arm of the couch and very pointedly looked around for her long gone bed in here..high up on a shelf, private and solely for phebes.

"oh, right...I forgot to tell you...that bed is were not actually included in the new configuration with the makeover plan."

shit! that was kind of mean...what was I thinking??? of course she would eventually notice she no longer has a spot in here. now I feel bad.
in compensation I offered to kick benny out of her current bed. she looked skeptical (she would never willingly vacate any bed just because I asked her to..) but was willing to give me a chance.

so I got up, told benny to get the hell out of her bed which he did because benny is a good and cooperative dog. I called phoebe, she came and I wrapped her up in her blanket and she was pleased that I got my shit together and fixed her current sleeping problem.

and benny?...well he is ok with it all because he took her place on the red leather couch and went back to sleep.
a bed is a bed as long as it's big enough for him and its comfy.

but a bed is not just a bed to has to be her bed and apparently she lost one of two when she wasn't looking.

poor old and going blind spastic babe.

and I, the bed thief... came pretty damn close to sucking yet again.
glad I dodged that bullet...this time.



Great post on Phoebe. Loved reading it. Hopefully you can find a new spot for her bed, after all everyone needs options on where to sleep.