Rescue Journal

with the why comes the how....

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2014

a big part of the how right now is The Amazing Raise Event. We set our goal at $10,000.00 and jenn told me yesterday our pledges are currently at $600.00. with the event only a month away..this so does not bode well.

sometimes I feel like this is a horse race...we are down 30 grand, make some strides forward with an unexpected gift of $12,500. but we are still $20,000 behind and will we be able to hold at least there or will we lose more ground because we fall short at our annual pubnight?

arghh..the whole money worry shit drives me crazy because I worry about it in a different way then anyone else here. I worry about it personally. it is not just a matter of how high are our vet bills, it is the very real fear about a roof over our heads.

we cannot cut back on feed bills because our animals cannot go hungry. the only real significant place that we have the option to cut back on is paid staff. if we can't afford to meet payroll, then we cannot afford paid staff which means I need to quit my job and care for the animals here. if I quit my job to look after the animals, there is no money to pay the $2500.00 a month mortgage...ripples in that particular pond quite frankly scare me near to death.

no one likes asking others for money..particularly me. I feel like I am putting folks in an uncomfortable spot, I feel weak, useless...I feel sleazy. but somehow I have to gather the guts to do it or these old wrecked animals who have utter faith in me are at risk of being screwed to the wall...yet again.

so I am thinking about my part in fundraising for this desperately needed event...can't do the garage sale thing...don't own really anything anyone would want to buy, can't really do a bake sale at work because quite frankly my baking skills suck, can't sell some of my no longer needed clothes or shoes on the internet because not only am I am techno wardrobe has never been all that nice. can't pick up extra shifts in mission because my employer no longer allows me to do this.
I am not artistic or crafty, I don't have a lot of time..pretty much the only things I am good at are looking after vulnerable people and animals and charging for that is certainly not an option.
hmmm. I have got to think of something, preferably short of wandering around with a pledge sheet in my hand and asking cuz I don't like doing that.

if I do a new saints you think folks might buy that? probably not enough to make much of a difference.
this might be one of those suck it up buttercup... like a lot of things in rescue..if it has to be done then it has to be done so shut up and just do it.

shit..i wish I was good at some kind of baking or crafts.



I like the calendar idea.... I would pay to see my Saint Suzie wearing some reindeer antlers and being Miss Dec or Saint Murphy lazing out in the sun being Mr July. Then once we've collected $$ to be in the calendar we sell them. Great idea CC even if "stolen"


ok - slightly stolen idea - what about a SAINTS calender? For a donation, people can enter their pets for a chance to be the in the calender - doesn't have to be previous SAINTS - in fact it should be photos of their ancient pets! *shrugs*


Try not to worry Carol: People always wait till the last few weeks to donate or buy tickets. Some of my friends are donating thru Canada Helps or Paypal for the Fundraiser. - so that counts separately from pledges right? It's still early.... almost a month away.


Why don't you have a craft sale along with the open house? You have a lot of people through and then they can also browse and pick up a crafty item. All your supporters can start working on this now. I have a quilt I can donate.


What about a compaign called "I'd do it all over again!" Where you contact former adopters and ask them if they had the chance, would they adopt their little SAINT again? Can't imagine any would say no... So they re-donate whatever they paid as an "adoption fee". It is basically asking for money, but if done snazzy and sleek, it could be a cool campaign. Maybe there's a way to work it into the current campaign...


So last year I gave someone else a turn at work to fundraise for their charity……well it's my turn again this year :-) I know it's a ways away but the Scotiabank Bake Sale already has our date booked…..Friday Nov 28…so everyone start planning your future baking schedules!!!