Rescue Journal

good morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2014

i swear i would no longer have a clue how to sleep without held as an immobile hostage by the bed buddy crew. most people just turn over to change their sleeping position..i have to actually get out of bed, pick them up to move them and then climb back into bed again in whatever new position i choose. 20 seconds later, i am again immobile as they stick themselves to me like glue.

they all have their preferred body alignments..roxy my head, robbi and jerry, my upper chest and back, tina and salty my hips or my knees and gerty alternates between climbing up to my shoulder or hip or laying across my feet.
the other guys are pretty good about just finding an empty spot that doesn't involve keeping me still.'s no wonder i live on advil.

i am trying to decide how to best use next weeks upcoming many things i have been procrastinating about. i am hesitant to make up another to-do list because i never get around to doing the stuff on my lists very well.

i have 5 shifts left to think about this and hopefully by then i will have a decent plan or two on how to effectively spend this upcoming vacation so i don't feel that it was wasted without getting caught up on a couple of things that i do need to get to.

heads up to staff today...big feed order coming in from fraser valley this morning and shawn and her dad are painting the entrance and laundry area this week..yay! both areas need painting really badly to clean and brighten them up a bit. and i am not sure if vern will be back today to install the new window.


Cheryl Shaw

Carol - this is way off topic, but I noticed anad on TV about a scubbing bubbles clean up project. Are you interested in entering?or being entered?( They need a photo of the area you want cleaned in order to enter.)


Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but there is an ad in the newspapers (Sun and Province) looking for ‘senior dog, special needs welcome’. This sent off alarm bells and I am wondering if anyone thinks this may be a bait dog situation. Should I contact the SPCA (and will they do anything about it)? I seem to remember a post in SAINTS blog about someone wanting dogs for this. I am really hoping it is a senior who would like a slower dog, but I have my doubts.