Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2014

Tuesday I bought owen cheese curds, wed was strawberries and bananas for the barn guys, today I was back in the grocery store buying a roast chicken and a pre-cooked pot roast for both owen and oliver who are off eating today.
honestly, I feel like shit and no one is out buying me tasty sucks to be the human here.

I met one of gertie's applicants today (she actually has three!) luckily erin pissed gertie off so gertie flipped out and tried to eat her. PERFECT timing..i can explain gertie's occasional rages but it ain't real until you actually see. inside that sweet and adorable baby resides someone a little bit crazy! anyway..this is a good home and now that gertie is fully exposed, we will wait to see..i told her to think about it over the next day or so.

desi's blood work is back.. a little bit of this and that and expected with a really old cat but nothing absolutely devastating.

tedz's culture and sensitivity is back..yay! NOT a zombie super bug this time around. he is on a couple of different antibiotics which should clear up the infection really well.

one more day..just one day more and then I am on vacation again. please don't let me crash and burn before or during them! for a hot Epsom salts bath.



I sent out 2 more applications for Gertie last night...popular little girl!!!

Johanna Hickey

Thanks so much Carol for letting the dogs stay at Saints and for taking such good care of them. They had a wonderful time and find it very quiet and boring back at home.

I hope you feel better. Take good care of yourself and thank you again.