Rescue Journal

i love our sheep.

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2014

bye pac

so our pac has gone..moved on to far greener pastures. i already miss him but i can't be sad. he is such a great dog and he deserved the very best. well, he actually he got it and i am so very happy about that!
AND they took him to mcdonalds on the way home!!!

sigh..there are a few not so great dogs hanging around here. do i dare speak of one of my own?...the window unlocking, window climbing out of, fence scaling, annoying bug-brat..lun-a-my-heart you are a royal pain in the ass!

princess is a super nice dog..i like her a lot! no more whining or looking anxious..she looks pretty well settled now.
since pac has vacated the mp room, i moved oliver over there and now the cats are back in the computer room, they are REALLY happy about that!
oliver misses hanging with his head on my knee but seems to be making the adjustment well.

ok, no one gasp too hard and choke on whatever you are eating or drinking while you are reading this but...the zombie dog has a potential adopter coming tomorrow to meet him! this is not a crazy, bleeding heart person..this is actually a rational, intelligent and really nice person. i don't know what will happen when she actually does meet him because tedz is just so freaking weird (and homely) but i am pretty damn happy that someone cared enough to take the time just to come here especially to meet him.

scratch goes off to his new foster home tomorrow too. another really good dog gets a really good home!

arghh..babette is still not eating or drinking..i am going to try her with some hot tuna soup tonight and hope that gets her going again. we upped her thyroid meds last week and i think that did not agree with her. i don't know how many actually remember that psycho-pissed off cat of the past but i liked her then and i adore the sweet cat now so i want her to start feeling better.

i WISH rosie would get her sensitive and reluctant ass out of the communal cat room transition cage..the door has been open FOREVER and nacho is impatiently waiting for his chance to make his transition to happier land.

damn cats. damn dogs. next rescue life it is ONLY peaceful, quiet and non window climbing sheep.



i don't know how to make it unprivate which is why it is private..i can order one for you tho if you want?


good for pac and just love that scratch. will miss him but happy for him and i have to agree with erin, that little teddy is adorable.


Next rescue life I'm only doing pygmy goats. I mean, how busy would I be??? But I guess I better move out of the condo. I suspect my downstairs neighbour wouldn't appreciate the pitter patter of little goat feet above her head:)


carol, can you make the saints book unprivate so I can order one please? I can only find the first one.


Omg did you just call teddy homely? He's not homely! He's super-cute! Adorable even :) and even with his quirks, he's deserving of his very own home too, I so hope he gets it. And scratch, me and Capone both are gonna miss him. But how great for these guys!


i love our sheep.: so our pac has gone..moved on to far greener pastures. i already miss him but i cant be sa...