Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2014

shawn and her dad did a great job on the refresh/repaint...the two areas look so much brighter and more cheerful..thx so much you guys, totally great!!

princess has settled a bit, not so anxious which is good.

oliver has settled in quickly and is feeling like he is home.

babette is not doing so well..i had Dionne moved her into the medical room so I could keep an eye on her this weekend.

the sweet chi's went home with Johanna, I bet they were so glad to see her, they miss her when she is gone.

the baby chicks (which really are now juveniles) settled into the chicken areas ok.

renee shaved tess down can't brush her cuz it pisses her off. she is shivering this morning so I have her wrapped up in fleece to help her feel warmer.

teddy's sudden abcess is just about healed but he is still on antibiotics for a bit.

today is the day that pac leaves us for his new home. I am so going to miss him but I am so very happy that he has such a great home.

I am still under the weather but not yet under the ground so I guess that is kind of good...but I don't have a lot of stamina right now.


Debra now in Malaysia

I miss Babette. Hope she will be ok.
Will come for a visit when I am in Canada this summer


The photo of Pac in the car on his way home, and the photo of him with his new (old) family bought tears to my eyes - he looks so happy.


I am going to miss Pac around the barn but really glad he's going to a great home.


I started to cry yesterday saying bye to Pac. He is a amazing dog. Hope Miss Babette is better today.


Thanks, Carol,

I hope you feel better, Carol. Take good care of yourself.

Thank you for taking such good care of the Chis. They had a wonderful time at Saints.

They are glad to be home but they miss all the attention that they get at Saints. Michael misses the cats because he has no one to bark at.