Rescue Journal

tedz and scratch have left the building.

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2014

scratch is a great dog so no surprise there..but teddy? it's a pretty damn special home for our little zombie.
i am going to miss them both.

and baby gertie's adoption fell thru...too big of an eye opener seeing her pitch a gertie fit. i guess i will start plowing thru the other applications that dawn has for her and i am going to push all of her buttons so she pitches a fit each time til we find the right home for her.

everyone is gone..i can finally lay down for a bit and try to ditch this headache and benny is laying on the couch with my pillow and blanket, not looking like he is too into moving for me.



Met Princess today - she could be Kirk's sister- really lovely dog. I don 't think "Princess" suits her, but I guess she's had the name a long time. Oh, and Oliver is very cute. -


aww so happy for scratch and teddy hope they enjoy their new homes.


You still 2 apps left for Gertie and the third was sent to you Friday. I will forward another when your ready.


I am going to miss Teddy's wandering into me. So happy for him and Scratch.


Wow - adopted! I'm so happy for Teddy - I met the couple who took him - they saw him doing his "snappy, growling thing" when they were petting him, so they know what they're up against. That's great news. - and Scratch looked pretty happy getting into the truck to go home with his new family today.
Carol, I hope you can get some rest now when the house is quiet.


tedz and scratch have left the building.: scratch is a great dog so no surprise there..but teddy? its a prett...