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good morning..looks like a gorgeous day!!

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2014

sorry for the lack of a post last night...i started pulling photo's ...we decided we need a new book! so many new ones just begging to get themselves immortalized in print. i actually like doing the books, no pressure to make them great because as soon as i start sticking photos in them we automatically think they are great! the saints books are never meant to be public, they are just for us that love our saints. pretty damn hard to screw up with that!

i will let you know when this one is done.

babette is still at the vets getting fluids while they figure her out. yesterday apparently she was no longer vomitting but still had quite bad diarrhea.

photo babette.jpg

today princess and oliver go in for their initial checks and logan did well with his neuter and is already home again.

shep is coming to stay with us for a month while his foster dad travels for work.

i received an update on scratch and pac and both are settling in well in their new foster homes too.

i finally grabbed the cats and shoved them out thru the new cat run door. not sure they understand the process yet and if they don't, i will shove them thru it some more!

the staff took the kingsized bed out of my room and brought down the double from up in the shop. we had to do this to A. make more space in my room and because B. apparently andy is jumping up on my bed to pee A LOT! we just cannot keep up to that much laundry every day from a giant kingsized bed. that double bed looks tiny and pathetic in there and trying to sleep on it with the bed buddies was quite an effort. anyway to compromise, i ordered in a queensize..that should fit us all and cut back on the laundry volume a bit. this double bed is getting dumped as soon as we are done anyway because it was ruined years ago and the kingsize will stay up in the suite for when we have guests. i just have to rearrange things up there a bit to make it fit better.

photo andy.jpg

oh the twists and turns of shelter living..such a freaking hassle over human/dog beds. anyway..thank you guys for hauling around the various pain in the neck beds. i suppose if i just slept on a karunda life would be so much easier for us all.

i think we are pretty much finally finished with all of the dogs moves. now that they are done..i need a handy person to come and put up all of the new bulletin boards for us. the plan is to put photos of each animal in each area on the boards so everyone knows where everyone goes. when animals come in or go out or get moved around, we just have to move their photos to let everyone know who goes where now. it is a brilliant plan as long as we keep it up to date and since i put jamie in charge of it all, i think that we will!

man..the sharps container guys were just about early birds getting the worms! anyway..the containers are all switched (they are for the syringes and needles that we use so much around here) so all of the areas have fresh new containers (except for the kitchen, it was basically empty because i don't use that one much.)

big sigh.... i guess i better get dressed, getting caught in ones pj's once a day is more than enough.



olikver had his check up..grade 3 heart murmur, rotten teeth, a mass on his leg, emaciated with muscle wasting and we are awaiting his blood work results.

Debra now in Malaysia

I hope Babette pulls though. She went from so cranky to a sweet girl

Lori Paul

Do you need Queen sized sheet sets and pillow cases Carol? I've got a few extra sets I'd be happy to give you...


good morning..looks like a gorgeous day!!: sorry for the lack of a post last night…i started pulling photo’s …...