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$1.00 a day

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2014

i am now ready and accepting pledges for the Amazing Raise

i am asking folks to pledge to SAINTS $1.oo per day for the next 20 days to support and encourage me in my commitment to not smoke between now and the fundraiser on April 26..and hopefully by then i will be over the hump and can be a non smoker for good! the staff are kicking in $20 and i am going to ask my kids to pledge as well (because all of them want me to quit smoking!) so that means so far..i have raised $80..i want to raise a heck of a lot more.

i am already wearing the patch and I PROMISE, no matter how hard this gets (and it will get hard because i have been smoking for more than 40 years)...I WILL NOT CHEAT.

cash, cheque, canada helps, or paypal..just make sure to note "this donation is so carol does not smoke!"



Been trying to send $150 from a friend via one time donation on PayPal. Not working, always comes up $25 per Mon donation. Got a direct link from Sheila, it gives an error message link unsuccessful. I will mail a personal cheque to Anne tomorrow. It will be flagged Amazing Raise. I will add $20 to your stop smoking campaign.


Just donated $40 via Canada Helps (and noted the reason but didn't get the wording exactly the same). Go Carol!


you guys are so GREAT! with so many willing to trust me there is NO WAY i will let myself fail. thank you all so much!!!


Yeah, definitely count me ( and Lois) in - $40 more dollars
Heads up house volunteers: I will not be in this Sunday, as one of my dogs needs dental surgery -Yes, my vet does surgeries on Sunday! Sorry, but I think there are plenty of folks on the schedule. -See you next week.


Great idea Carol!! I'm going to do the same thing but I will give up wine! NOT!! Count me in for 20 too Carol!


I'm in for $20 - If I can pay it online I will but if not I'll bring it on Sunday.



$1.00 a day: i am now ready and accepting pledges for the Amazing Raise i am asking folks to pledge to SAINTS ...


Jiv will also pledge so that is another $20 and you might as well just round that up to a nice even $50 from us! Go mom go!