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Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2014

crappola day. one of those days that just ain't that great and i can't sit down, zone out and smoke my frustrations away.

whatever. i promise not to bitch about shit right now cuz i am the one with a bit of a pissy problem. i have used smoking for most of my lifetime as a means to NOT go bezerke with a gun.

that new old spraying cat whose owner passed away, arrived unexpectedly an hour ago (i knew he was coming, but did not expect him today.) i kicked butt to clean out the grooming pen and get it set up comfortably for him. his name is geezer and he seems like quite a nice cat...he is in the medical room pen until i can get him in for testing.

princess is down with a vestibular attack. that totally sucks big time for her. i tried to get her up and out tonight but i couldn't get her to stand. i will have to turn and change her for now where she lays.

i never had a chance to call on babette and the clinic is closed now. i will check on her tomorrow. i am sure if anything had changed, the clinic would have called me right away.

i found a flea on benny yesterday and we are a no flea zone so today was the day we re-started the flea season monthly treatments..thx to the staff for getting everyone so quickly done!

and as a ripple in the saints no flea pond..everywhere i go, every animal i touch... stinks like advantage....oh freaking yay.

thx lori paul for the really great gift of the queensized bedding..can't wait to use it but i will wait because right now, i don't want it to smell like advantage! and so sorry i had to run off so fast, i wish i could have stayed and chatted. it was one of those running from behind kind of days.


Lori Paul

So glad you like the bedding Carol...I'm not flush with cash but by gawd, I've got linens! No worries about your quick hello, my friend and I will come back for a tour some summer weekend. She left saying her next pet cat would come from SAINTs, if at all possible, so I think you've got a new fan!


If I am reading the Shelter Challenge page correctly, it looks like we won a weekly prize


I put a painters' drop cloth on TOP of my bed. It is plastic on the underside and canvas or cotton on top. Keeps the sheets, blankets and mattress from getting soiled by the dogs.


updates: crappola day. one of those days that just ain’t that great and i can’t sit down, zone out and smoke m...