Rescue Journal

a couple of updates

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2014

we did an autopsy on babette because we could not understand why nothing worked when it all should have worked to make her better. looks like she had lymphoma (which had not shown up on xrays) and it was presenting in her gut. there was nothing to be done, babette had reached the end of her road. i am so glad that she actually liked living here with us, she was such a very good cat.

princess is still down but we are forcing her up at least twice a day to make her get up and walk with support. she would rather not, she is quite comfortable in front of the fire but i am n ot letting her lose the ability to walk and stand while she is down.

starting day 4 of no smoking, no cheating..yesterday was pretty bad. i have to say that i could have easily killed 100 times between people and animals but at least the murders were all in my head.

shaw came and fixed my tv..thank freaking god. and thx to diana, she fixed my other tv so it is not so dark and annoying to watch.

i think that is it.

be prepared for less blogs..i used to like to sit here and smoke and blog. now that the smoke part is gone, the blog part is not so much fun.



I thought Carol was very gracious on Sunday, considering she's into her non-smoking campaign! It was a busy day, with a lot of interruptions.


Erin; Time for you to start blogging again - to offset Carol's reduced blog time right now! Carol; we're all cheering you on, even if you do feel like murdering us!

Sandi (a supportive pharmacist)

Congratulations, Carol. The initial withdrawal Sx peak within 72 hours, so you have made it through the worst. Don't hesitate to carry some pieces of nicotine gum with you to use prn for the bad (breakthrough craving) moments. And, of course, if sheer force of will can help you succeed, you have a lot of supporters out here!


a couple of updates: we did as autopsy on babette because we could not understand why nothing worked when it a...