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Day 2 of Volunteer Week - Meet our weekend warriors - Lynne and Edward

Jenn  ·  Apr. 7, 2014

It's day two of Volunteer Week and in recognition of our amazing volunteers, here are two more features.

Lynne is a 7 year veteran who came upon SAINTS while reading the newspaper that featured an article about the place that she calls, “heart-warming, loving, and protective.” Lynne is an extremely kind and generous volunteer who opens her own home to foster some “saintly” members. When not spending time with her own dogs, she enjoys hiking, spending time with her grandkids and scrapbooking. Losing the animals is hard on Lynne, but she returns every Saturday as well as during the week to volunteer because of her unwaivering love for the animals and being part of their world. Lynne also enjoys being part of the SAINTS family and spending time with other the other volunteers who all love the animals as much as she does. Her favorite memory of her time at SAINTS comes with a smile as she reflected on this moment, “Jeanette…when she couldn’t get up, and everyone came together to come to her assistance. Who was waiting for Jeanette? None other than Percy.” Lynne speaks of her past favorites with compassion and love; Copper was a little bugger who picked her and in return, she loved giving him a home. Bambi was an amazing dog, and touched Lynne’s heart in an enormous way. Thank you Lynne for loving SAINTS as much as you clearly do!

lynn and jerry (2)

bambi 2 (7)

Edward is one of our most recent volunteers joining the weekend warrior team three months ago after hearing about SAINTS through the BCSPCA. He describes himself as open minded, compassionate, and kind. When he isn’t giving his time to SAINTS, he can be found reading, hand drumming, and playing the guitar. When at SAINTS, he is volunteering in the house and in the barn area where he enjoys the love and excitement that the animals reciprocate. One of his fondest memories is snuggling with June on Carol’s bed. “June has always been gun shy with me, a few weeks ago Carol brought him into the bedroom for some bonding time.” Edward feels particularly bonded to not only June but also Odie and Capone. He thinks Odie is a sweetheart and describes Capone as a gentle giant with a fantastic personality. The difficult times for Edward are when he hears about an animal’s passing or watching some struggle with their ailments. However, the relationships he has established with the animals and his fellow volunteers, keep him coming back and giving his time to the weekend warrior team. He sums up SAINTS is three words: Safe, Home, Haven.

odie (6)

Stay tuned all week as we continue to feature some of our incredible volunteers.

We are always looking for committed and hardworking animal lovers to come lend a hand on the weekend. We are currently looking for people with barn experience to help with grooming and cleaning the barns on the weekends. Must be 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult. For more information please see: or email



Day 2 of Volunteer Week – Meet SAINTS weekend warriors Lynne and Edward...


Day 2 of Volunteer Week – Meet our weekend warriors – Lynne and Edward: It’s day two of Volunteer Week and in ...