Rescue Journal

a dollar a day

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2014

it was a shitty night last night...i was worrying about something, angel was restless and not well and jesse got caught between his bed and the wall which necessitated a 3 am full pick me up rescue.

all i could think of for the hours i was awake was how badly i wanted to get up and have a smoke so i could relax and settle myself. starting day 11 of no smoking no cheating...oh big freaking is not getting easier from my point of view.

a sleep in on a day off here is pretty damn hard because the dogs do love their early morning howling i am tired and unlikely able to do much about it.

whatever again.

another day, another dollar..hope folks have paid up their amazing raise smoke free pledges because i am SUFFERING here and i ain't doing it for free.


shelagh f

keep it up. we are all
behind you, it is probably the toughest thing you will ever do,
for yourself. Again, you are doing all the
heavy lifting


I did not get my pledge in - where do I do it? Chris and I would like to put $50 in


Hang in there, Carol - you're doing AWESOME! I'm not a smoker, but if I had to give up chocolate, things would get nasty...


a dollar a day: it was a shitty night last night…i was worrying about something, angel was restless and not we...