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today at saints

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2014

i am pretty damn happy with the current numbers and mix of who goes is working out well. of course my enjoyment of this will be short lived. my job is not to sit on our laurels and enjoy some (relatively) smooth sailing. since quite a few dogs have gone out..i need to at least let a couple in. there are currently two on my list..neither one sounds all that fun.
oh freaking whatever.

i re-planted a few of the plants and bushes that did not make it over the winter..finally the rain is back. good thing because the grass seed needs it! i am going to try to get to a few fix up/clean up/pretty up things each set of days off between now and june so when we get close to the open house i don't have to go too nutz.

i had a good animal day today...all of the guys were actually fairly pleasant to be around. i took tammy out for lunch today tho...she had a close biting the hand that feeds you encounter with tony from terrace on sunday and is currently on 2 different IV antibiotics twice every day. i did not know that tony from terrace was such a dick headed dweeb. tammy said he didn't mean it. i am sure that he did, it was a nasty bite.

anyway..i took her out to boston pizza as an apology from tony...if he had any money i would make him foot the bill.

kevin took puff out with him to run a couple of errands..puff really liked that.

erin is taking fatty pants ollie swimming tomorrow night..i doubt kendall has a big enough life jacket for him...i hope he doesn't sink.

chevy looked pretty scrawny when he got i noticed he is looking really handsome now. he is still small for his age but at least he looks healthy now.

dionne said i could give her another dick headed dog so if one of the two new ones is a pain..i am sending him over to mp land. dionne has a ton of patience for the bad boys..i mostly just want to shoot them in the head.

well..speaking of..time for odie's insulin..angel's too but unlike odie-son...she is not a dick head.



It was nice to meet you too Leila. So great speaking to a like-minded individual!! And, yes, I love SAINTS and tell everyone I know about it. Many of my conversations start with, "Well, you know Carol from SAINTS, she wrote on her blog..."


eek! cam from terrace here lol. Thanks for taking one for the team Tammy.. ouch! I've never been bit by a cat, sounds like you got nailed bad :(


Tony is a sweet boy, he was just pissed that day for some reason. Hopefully tomorrow is my last day for the antibiotics, I'm getting tired of the hospital.


I met a SAINTS supporter at the CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference in Toronto... Marisa. It was nice speaking to a fellow SAINTS supporter away from home.

shelagh f

I thought Tony from Terrace was a sweet guy. Any word on how
Teddy, from Terrace is
doing? Hope its not too bad Tammy