Rescue Journal

not so deep but true...

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2014

i wrote a poem years ago called "but" is basically about loving/committing/being there for your pet with strings attached. kind of like a built in escape clause.

some of those "but" animals end up here.

too sad.

i have no idea what preacher thought he was up to last night, but he has pretty much trashed the laundry room. this morning i had to make a or clean up his mess..guess which one i chose?

my apologies to the staff.

i'd like a built in "but" clause on! that cat can and does get into EVERYTHING..he is almost worse than conan the barbarian (except conan intentionally destroys stuff and preacher just tosses shit around for fun.)

there are a few around here that it would have been nice to have escape clauses on...too freaking bad my word is my bond.

speaking of..two weeks today no smoking no cheating..looks like i am going to make it so my good and supportive friend pledge folks better start digging deep and paying up!

and this would be why backing ourselves into a corner without escape clauses might actually force us to do the right quitting smoking or heaven forbid...keeping our word to some vulnerable animal who needs us to be safe.

my two not so deep thoughts for the day...

dumping pets sucks so don't be a pet dumper.

never start smoking, it is freaking hard to stop.



i don't think i have a copy of it anymore lenore, this was pre-computer!..i was never very good at saving stuff.

Lenore Henry

Congratulations Carol - keep it up! Would you be able to share your poem "But" with us?


So glad Preacher is comfortable at SAINTS and owns the place. Just hope he isn't disturbing Tigger too much with his re-organizing episodes.


Congrats. on two weeks of not smoking. I'm already paid up - had faith in you.