Rescue Journal

not fair

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2014


for tess it is all about food...for me, it is all about tess.
damn it.

Tess..."hey! hey! hey! i want some of your dinner!!"

Me..."sorry tess i am not smoking so i am eating it all."

Tess..."NO. No. NO. i really want some." as her front slides off the karunda bed and onto the floor.

Me.."way to go..your ass is up on the bed, your head in down on the floor..i am NOT giving you my dinner."

Tess...suddenly silent and still as she realizes she is stuck.

Me.." let me lift your ass down to the floor and fine go ahead and have the rest of my gawd damn dinner, you are such a big freaking food baby."

tess quickly scarfs my dinner back and i want a cigarette.

i want to be rescued....

by someone who smokes.



this reminds me of our Bill pulling my mom's heartstrings. like right now, he has a hot spot. so, when he has the cone on his head, he won't walk around corners- he just stands there, shaking, giving mom the pleading look because he's used to just throwing himself forward when he runs. then he just sits, looking sad.... because he clearly isn't allowed to walk, so he'll never be able to go outside, and he'll never enjoy grass or fresh air again... and he can't get to his dish, either, so it needs to be brought to him... same with the water dish....
(mum hasn't brought those things TO him... yet. she knows it's nonsense, but she doesn't like to see him shake.)

i had to show him it was fine by MAKING him walk towards treats through doorways and around corners. that's as far as my training regime goes!


Too darn funny! Laughed out loud, especially the part about wanting to be rescued! I would put myself out to do things and give things up for my furry guys, things I probably wouldn't have done for my children so this hits home! Carol your passion shows!


hey give her what she wants she is sooo sweet shes hungry she needs your food lol i absolutely love that dog


not fair: for tess it is all about food…for me, it is all about tess. damn it. Tess…”hey! hey! hey! i want som...