Rescue Journal

hi ya

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2014

on to day 2 of no smoking no cheating...if i could have just held out for 4 more days, i would have been in the clear and could have just started smoking again. now i have a whole 18 more days to go again. assuming i don't have another bad day between now and then..good lord. this 20 day no smoking no cheating thing could go on for the rest of my life!!! is actually a pretty damn smart way to keep working towards successfully quitting smoking...trapped by the 20 day promise/challenge.

anyway..if nothing stresses me out over the next 18 days, maybe i can be done with this burden of 20 day obligation and be free to do what i really want to do!

i got home late last night..luckily chris and michelle had put everyone to bed for me. the barn guys are doing ok dealing with the loss of flicka but it doies feel strangely empty out there for all of us humans.

robbie lost his mind yesterday and rolled over and over in poop. that little poopy bugger was on my bed when i got home so i absolutely had to grab him and bath him.

bru has gone home...but only until next weekend..then he is back for another week here.

three new incoming tomorrrow..the young brother and sister pair flying in from up north and the peeing/marking crypt orchid puggle is in for his surgery tomorrow and will be coming back here once he is done...maybe not until wed..not sure..that's a pretty big surgery so it depends on how he does.

well.. i got shit to do so i better get to it.



Congatulations for quitting and I hope you are able to hang in there Carol! It's worth it to quit.. you'll reap the rewards and eventually feel better. Think of all the money you'll save!!!!!! Best of luck.