Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2014

spot and babe are here..big thx to chris for picking them up. they are booked in next week for spay/neuter, then we will start looking for a really good home.

hank did ok with his surgery today. he should be ready to come home tomorrow.

crosby was moved back out to the chicken areas now that the good weather is back.

the final shake down on the rabbits is homeless rabbits arrive late on thursday. danny was the biggest problem..quite uncooperative even for a bunny...whatever..he won.

chief is back in the clinic for another dental..he has chronic immune originated dental disease.

it looked like dixie might have been starting an early colic..she has a bit of a history and luckily always acts a bit weird initially. kevin was worried and wanted me to watch her..gave her some meds and she's had a good poop so thats really good but i will still keep an eye on her tonight just in case.

i pretty much did diddly squat today..goofed with the rabbits, picked up some meds, shaved a few problem spots, threw out some more grass seed...honestly..i pretty much did nothing. it was a nice and relaxing day!



So glad for Logan, Ray and Anthony they will be so happy together they were really lonley.. Now all we need is Bob to have a mate..