Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2014

first of all..i want a smoke. second of all..i don't have any which totally sucks.

babes and spot are doing ok..they came down from their shelf to hang out on my lap for a while.

hank tho is driving me right over the edge...he is so sore from his surgery and such a big freaking baby that he is doing flip flops trying to get at his incisions. he won't eat, he won't take any meds..i finally opened a tramadol mixed it with metacam and shoved the foul mess into his mouth with a syringe. i have towels taped around his neck to prevent bending because while his mouth can't reach the incisions..the edge of the cone can and he is just irritating it all the more. i will be hitting the clinic up tomorrow for liquid antibiotics cuz the pills are for sure a no go.

i feel so bad for him....

chloe is going in to the clinic tomorrow for a mouth check.
chief lost a bunch more teeth and will be coming home tomorrow.
bobbi is in the clinic too because she has stopped eating.

the rabbits and a new old wrecked dog arrive tomorrow from animal control..oh freaking yay not.
new diabetic cat coming in too..oh freaking yay not too.

robbie is either sick or very upset because a newly neutered dog is in his room..i can't really tell which it is.

i checked up on pac today..he is doing really well and might pop by for a visit soon.

and my wrist hurts..except it isn't my is actually my shoulder blade muscle..referred nerve pain sucks.

i guess i better go watch poor hank flip flop some more...hope those meds kick in quick!

oh and i have lost my cell phone in the house somewhere..can't call it on the landline cuz the landline is dead again..that freaking phone is such a waste of never works when i need it to work. if i don't find it by morning no one will be able to get a hold of me.

right now i really do not care.