Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2014

so most of the new guys are here..for bunnies we have cinnabun, her 2 young adult babes and dim sum sharing one pen and trick and treat sharing another. i don't have the names yet on the babes, but will get them in the next day or so.

the new dogs are all now here...babes and spot really are lovely. spot is a milk thief tho..twice now he has hopped up and finished off my milk when i had to get up to do cup was not was pretty freaking empty when i returned! i adore that big whiny freakout baby hank..he is still tossing a fit because his precious little private parts hurt...but he is such a big cry baby weinie, it is totally funny. but i am head over heels in love with our newest old guy..sparky is a ratty looking papillon with a totally messed up eye (pretty sure that sucker is going to have to come out.) sparky wheezes and waddles and is so enthusiastic about everything..he might be wrecked but he is a positive thinker about it all...what a sweetheart.

the last to come in is tinsel..the 12 yr old diabetic cat. i pick her up on my lunch break tomorrow. hope she likes it here.

i haven't heard a thing about that biting lhaso from the alberta rescue so i think he is not coming which is totally fine with me.

bobbi is home from the vets but not out of the woods yet...she is still on the moniter closely list.

chief is home too...and god damn some freaking asshole to hell...that poor cat is de-clawed. no wonder he is such a freaked out loonie tunes...some idiot amputated the toes on a very emotionally sensitive life i hope he or she gets to experience the same and see how they like they don't.

chloe will be staying in the clinic until next week..she needs to be sedated to have a really good look inside her mouth. either she has utterly horribly infected mouth or she has a nasty mouth cancer..won't know until she is sedated to find out. in the mean time she is on supportive measures to help her feel better until we know for sure.

ok gotta go check the new bunnies for the last time tonight because some of them now living communally may not actually agree to living communally, in which case i may need to act fairly fast.
and the new dogs are calling i did not get a lot of sleep last night so i am hoping to get to bed fairly early tonight.


another Doreen

I saw Babes and Spot on Facebook a couple of days ago.
They are cute!


jenn works during the week and can only come take photos on the she is away this weekend and next so there won't be any new photos for a bit now. sometimes the staff snap photos with their phones and post them on facebook but its hit and miss and depends on how busy the day is. someday we might have a decent camera on site and someone who not only knows how to use it, but actually remembers to use it! the good news is..we are working on updating the website so soon you will be able to click on each animal again to see who they are!

Donna Brearley

Is it possible to have pictures of the new guys when they come in? I read the blog every day, and i still can't associate a face with Hank, or know which one is Babes or Spot, not to mention all the bunnies that are coming in.