Rescue Journal

another day another dollar

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2014

it was barely a better night. hank still had his periodic freak out moments but did sleep inbetween which was kinda nice.

sparky is a lovely bed buddy...cuddly and kissy.

i think robbie's back is bugging him..he does seem painful right now.

it is another busy day at work today..this week has been a bit crazy. i am off for the weekend so i will see some of you guys at the fundraiser but i can't stay for too long because i have the saints pm stuff that i will need to get home and do.

i think today is day 6 of my no smoking do-over..if i hadn't screwed up on day 16 it would have been day 22 and i would have been done.
no more screw ups..i want the 20 smoke-free days over and done.