Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2014

it was a busy weekend, plus i am day 3 of a headache so not feeling all that good.

first off..thank you sheila and leila and everyone who came/donated/supported us for an amazing pub fundraiser...that takes a little bit of the pressure off us all which is good!

secondly the new guys are all settling in well which is also good.

we finally got the dying ornamental cherry trees it was too late for the other three may survive. the process was a bit of a hassle because dogs could not have access to either the front or the big dog yard...but whatever, it is done now and they can go out there again.

i guess i did not dodge that biting lhaso bullet..he may be flying in on wednesday..oh (not) yay. and that will be it...we are full again.

nicole tried to take old oliver home on the weekend but he hated her dogs so he had to come back. can't say he was too upset about it all..he likes it here, thinks this is home. i know that while he is good with our dogs...he apparently has issues with other dogs..filing that.

we lost tashi (one of johanna's visiting chi's) on saturday. we found her first thing in the morning, she had not been gone long. my best guess would be a heart attack. horrible to lose her, horrible to have to tell johanna her sweet little tashi had suddenly passed while she was away. old dogs with old hearts break our hearts somedays. tashi was my secret favorite..she reminded me of suzie..roly poly babe. rest in peace little natasha and all of our deepest sadness and hugs to johanna for the loss of her sweet, sweet tashi.
(the other three chi's are handling her loss and doing ok.)



So sorry for your loss Johanna, Tashi was an amazing little dog and I know everyone at SAINTS was happy to have gotten the chance to know her.


Johanna, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss while away. it is so hard to process such a loss.


Hugs to you Johanna on the loss of your dear girl. On a side note Carol, Suzie is no longer in the fighting category of heavy weight….she has moved down to lightweight….but still a scrappy fighter!


Thanks so much, Carol and a big thank you to everyone at Saints for the wonderful care that Tashie received there.
I can't believe that she has actually gone. However apart from her own home, she passed away in the best possible place. I'll really miss her as will the others who are now the Chi Trio.

Thank you for the kind wishes,