Rescue Journal

bad day

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2014

it was a sad day..sometimes i hate rescue.
babes and spot went into the clinic for their spay/neuter today. unbeknownest to me, babes was pregnant. horrible for the clinic staff...horrible for babes, horrible for the unborn pups who should never have been conceived in the first place.

the rage i sometimes feel at the absolute idiocy of our species as we breed more and more animals to torture and abuse, to ignore and neglect, to abandon and betray...

i don't hate rescue...i hate those who have greedily built an ugly and cruel world that needs rescue.



Do I have this straight ( I get confused sometimes with who is who & what their story is ) … Spot & Babes are 3 year old brother & sister…they came from the same home..and were not fixed ??? WTF… Rage on !!!