Rescue Journal

the perfect fit can come with stretch.

Carol  ·  May 2, 2014

i was watching luna sleep peaceful so relaxed. i was thinking that bringing her here was not the best thing for me...or for saints. but it was the best thing for her. she's happy, she fits. i cannot imagine luna in a typical family home..she's too wild...too free..too determined to be herself. and i think all of the problems she had in the past were directly related to the fact that luna is not your typical dog. she is just so much more than that...her spirit is like butterfly wings. she was battering her wings against the confine of bars she just could not understand.


so many animals here just do not fit anywhere else..sometimes it was not their fault. people got them or bred for all the wrong reasons and in ignorant frustration or selfish greed screwed them around. but some of them were just born luna, like phebes. the difference between these kinds of animals and people is..people can make choices about how they want to live...animals are stuck with whatever we choose to give them.

chloe is home from the vets...she will remain caged for a while yet until she is finished her meds.

babes and spot moved over to join the bed buddies, they are pretty damn happy to be hanging out with me on the bed...i am starting to regret switching out the kingsized bed.

oliver the third arrived safe and sound from alberta. he is currently in the mp room in max's old pen but tomorrow i will be trying to blend him in with some of the house guys..i am hoping he can live over here where i can spend more time with him and keep an eye on him too. he is a cutie patootie..really hoping he is not as big of an ass as i have heard.

my birthdays are special...these are the days that i am supposed to be grateful. i have been gifted with a pretty good life...a wonderful family, a career that i love, and an extra purpose in work in rescue. so my birthdays are not days for refusing to give back, if an animal tries to get in on my birthday..they always get in. it doesn't happen every year..but it happens on quite a few. this year was more special than usual...yesterday it wasn't one asking for was two.

ginger arrives tomorrow..she is a 6 month old pot belly pig whose family cannot keep her anymore. and zander arrives on sunday and is a dog used for therapy at some kind of rehab facility...he kind of screwed up recently and sunk a tooth in a clients leg when he was accidently kicked during some rough housing (i bet he was most likely reacting more to the rough housing than he was to the kick.) anyway..a dog tooth in a clients leg is not social service acceptable.

two more misfits not fitting so well where they birthday gift to them...we will help them fit in here.



Heartwarming post, Carol. Love your comment about Luna - "her spirit is like butterfuly wings"....