Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 8, 2014

rudi had his bath yesterday, he looks much better (yay dionne and erin!!) and his new ramp out to the mp yard has been installed..big thx to ali and works is perfect and rudi is eternally grateful!!

i rushed preacher into the vets on my way into work today..he had a full bladder obstruction and he is very ill altho, now that his bladder is drained and with the cathetor in place, he does feel better. we have been somewhat lax in monitering him. he has done so well passing urine and stool with that fractured sacrum, even if it meant he was totally incontinent that i am afraid we started taking his somewhat compromised wellness for granted. big wake up call because we almost loss him today. preacher cannot feel what is going on back there so he won't act like a sick and in pain obstructed cat until it could be too late. we will figure out some kind of daily check on preachers bowel and bladder systems so we do not risk this happening again.

i feel somewhat bad because i am always saying not so nice things about him (he IS a pain in the ass who gets into everything, is in the middle of everything and pees and poops on everything!)
but bottom line is...he cannot help that he is bowel and bladder disabled and while he can help being a busy, busy, busy body..he also is a very sweet cat with a ton of character. he is not totally out of the woods yet..we are not sure why he suddenly obstructed we won't be free and clear until the cathetor comes out and we know he can freely leak urine on his own again.

tomorrow will be chloe's last cage confinement day...after her meds in the morning, she can once again be free. she is getting progressively more upset during medications and is now fighting back. i am so hoping that with this massive dental surgery, her mouth problems are fixed. the pathology came back on the mass removed from the back of her tongue and it was non cancerous so that is great news for our little feral girl. anyway..she is eating really well, her mouth looks really more discharge, no more pain...fingers are crossed she is done with the mouth problems for good!

glad the rain is baby grass needs it for a while more yet.

reminder to everyone about the annual general meeting on saturday here at saints...everyone is provided by johanna to celebrate sweet tashi's life.