Rescue Journal

the blog may be down on and off for the next week or so.

 ·  May 12, 2014

we are getting ready to switch over to our new website so there will be times when it is inaccessible due to the change over and final tune ups. don't will be back!


rudi is looking good...he is walking better and more importantly..he is feeling better now that we are getting a handle on his arthritic pain.

preacher is not doing great at the vets..they tried to remove his cathetor twice and both times he obstructed again. hopefully once the infection goes down, he will be able to leak urine on his own again.

ginger is settling in well, super cute baby pig!!!.

oliver the third has his moments when he is going for walks and then has his moments of not getting along with others very well.

zander is settling in..he is a bit of an odd dog. not ready to bond with any human yet..seems content to just develop relationships with the other dogs.

spot and babes are doing great..i must say that their penchant for "licky face" can be a bit excessive at when i am trying to watch tv!

tinsel remains like the LAZIEST cat in the world..she is going in this week to the clinic for blood sugar checks.

both geezer and natcho have fit in here like well worn gloves...super nice cats!

shep goes back to his foster home this week...such a very good dog!

theya is doing really well...snuggle bunny sleeps in my arms at night and every time that i move, rolls over for a tummy rub!

it was a beautiful day at saints today...everyone enjoyed their times out in the sun.
not sure if i am personally ready to forego the grass growing is not quite ready for dry sunny weather but it looks like that is what we are getting so i guess i better start pulling out the hoses to water in the evenings for now.

the AGM went well yesterday..thank you johanna for the pizza for everyone!

and happy mothers day to every mom of human or animal kids...moms are so good at sharing love!