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crazy for lovin' you

Carol  ·  May 15, 2014

crazy is as crazy does and our original one of a kind crazy is getting old now. i watched phebes this morning trying to find one place to step off the cement and on to the grass without getting her feet wet...(apparently even a bit of morning dew is too much for her sensitive feet!) makes me somewhat sad....if phoebe could have found a single, patient, good humored home with just her and one pretty special human...she would have been far happier i think. unfortunately no one in the world was willing to give her that home and so she got stuck with equally crazy me.

busy day today...30+douglas college vet tech students coming in for their regular first semester tour.

somehow we have to get rudi into the vets which is not going to be fun because rudi hates car rides and vets...he turns into a raging snapping beast (and this would be because he has been sexually assaulted collecting semen for years in the clinics because this is how bulldogs are bred..) pretty damn sick if you ask me...bad enough these dogs cannot breed on their own but to take it one step further and take over and milk them so to be able to artificially inseminate brings it to an altogether lowest of the low. poor dogs...they have been bred into K9 frankensteins..they cannot breed without intervention, they cannot give birth except by cesarian section, and the pups pretty much can't survive right after birth unless they are on an oxygen machine and to top it all off they live with respiratory, mobility and cardiac issues for the 7 or 8 years that these mutilated bodies can live. and all because we like that massive, squat, flat faced body tortured a bulldog pup...$3000 for the dog of your dreams. poor things.


i think today is the day the vet is going to talk to me about preacher...i know he re-obstructed again and needed a cathetor reinserted. the meds should be working by now to decrease his bladder spasms but it looks like they are not.

two new saints in...

belina is a sweet little fat meat bird who luckily fell off the truck. we are scrambling around to get her and crosby set up...crosby will be so happy to have another good friend.

and little dixi...mostly white, mostly blind senior JRT. she was in foster care with chilliwack animal control for more than a month and really was not doing well...pretty much just hang out in the laundry room, not interested in interacting with the people or other animals, no interested adoption applications coming was time to move her into more long term sanctuary type care. she seems to be doing pretty well here so far, not upset by the move...we will see how far in terms of socialization she can go.

only one day off this week and then back on for six...i have a TON of shit to get done today so i better get to it.



Wow, well that was an eye opener on the Bulldog breed. Very sad all round..

shelagh f

i met Rudi yesterday and he is a lovely guy, but who
would make such a dog? And who would pay money for
such a dog? I don't get it, poor guy he looks like a wreck and I'm sure he is 100% better than at his
previous home


Looks like the Shelter Challenge voting is on again (just did my first one)