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quick updates

Carol  ·  May 15, 2014

not a great day.

the douglas college students tour went ok..they seemed to really enjoy themselves.


tess started seizuring while they were here. it was quite a long seizure and we had to give valium per rectum to get it to stop.i bumped rudi out of his vet appointment and renee and i took tess instead. tess started seizuring again as soon as we got home (a very bad sign.) we gave her more valium and have started her on a hefty dose of phenobarb. she is not able to stand yet, so besides the after effect of two serious seizures, that is a lot of drugs in her today.


i also discussed preacher with our vet...the staff really like him at the clinic but it is looking pretty grim...the meds are not working at all this time around. dave said they are having to cathetorize him twice a day with no other options as they are unable to even express his bladder. his urethra is clear and not obstructed so this all has to do with the profound nerve damage he suffered with his original sacral fracture. i have booked his euthanization for utterly sad, this totally sucks.



Forgot to add that at least Preacher was able to have some good times terrorizing and sneaking out at Saints (probably the best times since his injury) which is what it (Saints) is all about

Debra now in Malaysia

Oh no, sad to hear about preacher and Tess. Hope Tess pulls through everything.
I am very sad about Preacher though. Such a sweet young cat with way too short of a life. Preacher sweetie rest in peace, sogladyougot to enjoy some enjoyment in life


Excuse my language, but pox on the bastards that took a beautiful healthy cat and damaged him so that he pays the ultimate price of his life.
I hope that the after life is better because for some animals either leaving this life or escaping the suffering that they experience here is the only consolation
RIP Preacher.


Seizures are terrible; I hope Tess recovers well and rebounds. So much sadness for Preacher at the end of his road. <3 Go gently, sleep sweetly lovely cat.


Sorry to hear about Preacher. So young & so full of piss N vinegar. One of my favorite cats.Too bad about Tess too


Sorry those were not question marks - they were sad faces. I'm sorry